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Windows are an excellent addition to any dull room. It lights up the room and permits flow of air in and out. However, are windows effective in keeping the burglars out?

The front door is normally shielded with an extra security door to provide added safety or the doors might have fancy security systems installed which alarm the owner if an intruder tries to break in. But is it enough to protect your family against the unknown? It will not hurt to look for some more areas to cover up to give that secure feeling.

Security window screens are an amazing addition to your existing window panes. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and design to keep your house looking attractive yet secure. In addition, window security screens Melbourne also come with optional grille installations that add a layer of protection. Consider these points when selecting which kind of window security screens would suit your house and compliment the exteriors:

  • Year, the house was built
  • Exterior siding style
  • Architectural style
  • Paint colour scheme

These four factors will contribute largely to make an informed decision not just about the window screens but also about the grilles. When you have made up your mind to install a window screen and/or grille, you might want to think about the way you would like to install them. Options include:

  • Window screens to siding slashes only
  • Full window screens
  • Full Window grilles
  • Window Grilles on sidelites of front door

Window screens in Melbourne are often called fly screens. The name itself indicates that it helps prevent the intrusion of flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. All security window screens in Melbourne are custom made to a perfect size of your window frame and installed by experts.

Security window screens are made with fine quality, smooth aluminium fibreglass mesh coated with PVC technology to make it waterproof and rust or stain resistant. There is a technique that allows the maximum flow of air and light because not all window screens act as a permeable shield. Experts in the field carefully weld and punch together aluminium into shapes and stretch to provide the fine mesh that allows for air and light in addition to a clear view.

Window Screens Melbourne

All window screen frames are made from strong aluminium to provide strength, durability, and powder coated to different colour choices of your preference. Bars installed on windows are an added security measure taken by many. If you think that security window screens cannot provide you the security you need, there are always optional bars available at an affordable price. Not everyone can pay for optimum safety and security, but at Just Doors & Screens, we strive to offer the best solutions at competitive prices.

Options in window grilles include:

  • Colonial Style
  • Heritage Style
  • Classic Style
  • Contemporary Style
  • Mediterranean Style
  • Tropical Style
  • Transitional Style
  • Modern Style etc.

Due to the varying dimensions of a window, there is no standard size for grilles and can be custom designed and powder coated to blend in your house exteriors. Window grilles are also oven baked for those who prefer glossy to rustic finish.

At Just Doors & Screens, we work on our customer’s desire and bring them satisfaction through quality work, not possible anywhere else.

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