Stacker Doors Doreen

Do you know the number of doors installed in your home? If you are planning on renovating or you are building your house from scratch, you will find yourself confused looking at the different types of doors available in the market and wonder that which one will best suit your home.

Sometimes doors are a very important choice to be made because they help make an entrance and have a sudden impact on those present in the room. The kind of doors that are fast gaining popularity in Melbourne homes are stacker doors. Stacker doors are a modern addition to any room that is dull and boring.  It is a simple yet attractive product that is loved by many interior decorators.

You might not even realize that this is the same door you have installed as sliding glass shower screens in your bathroom. But when you come to know that apart from acting as a shower compartment in bathrooms, stacker doors can be put to a more attractive use, there are endless possibilities of installation.

Stacker doors in Doreen are installed to compliment different styles of houses which include:

  • Contemporary
  • Eclectic
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Beach Style
  • Farmhouse
  • Craftsman
  • Mediterranean
  • Rustic
  • Mid-century
  • Industrial
  • Tropical
  • Transitional

How do stacker doors work?

Stacker doors in Mernda are installed with 2-3 panels running side by side with one fixed panel.  As you feel the need to pass through, you slide the first door across the panel and the rest of the doors slide along one by one, stacking behind the fixed door. This makes any space or room more accommodating than it was before. Modern installation of stacker doors also give you the option of a window in the fixed door panel that opens outside. This helps in free movement of the stacker doors without the window blocking the way.

The frame of stacker doors are made of high quality aluminium with a glass fixed in the frame to provide a beautiful view of the outside. When installed in rooms facing towards a lake, balcony, garden or view of the city, the rooms look picture perfect and create views that leave you wondering, how far mankind has come from the Stone Age.

Stacker Doors Mernda

Stacker doors can also be used in drawing cum dining rooms, bedroom cum study rooms, pool house, walk-in closets, patios etc. The difference between a sliding and a stacker door is that sliding doors usually consist of 2 panels. One is fixed and the other is free for movement whereas in stacker doors, several panels can be installed by keeping in mind the room dimensions, and only one panel door is fixed while the others are free for easy sliding and stacking.

In a way, stacker doors contribute to lower electricity bills. Due to the wide area of glass and the number of panels, more sunlight is let in and therefore it eliminates the use of artificial light during day time hours. Also, stacker doors open up a wide area to the surrounding, especially if it is a garden and lets the fresh fragrance fill up the room.

Just Doors & Screens offer stacker doors in Melbourne with proper installation techniques that are backed-up with warranty and gives you years of modern living.

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