Fly Screens Melbourne

What are fly screens?

Fly screens is an ingenious product of home décor companies that has been widely gaining fame around Melbourne. Flyscreens have several purposes and it never fails to fulfil any of them. These purposes include:

  • Ventilation of Air
  • Sunlight passage
  • Break-in attempts
  • Dust particles
  • Protection against:
    • Flies
    • Mosquitoes
    • Malaria
    • Dengue
    • Pollen Fever
    • Other airborne diseases

It is true that a flyscreen never backs out from its duties. Along with all the above benefits, it helps keep a look outside for strange people approaching your house, standing in your front yard or any other unpleasant situation that alarms you. Flyscreens are an amazing addition to windows with great strength and a protected view.

The flyscreens are made of aluminium fibre glass mesh coated with a protective PVC covering to preserve against rainfall and moist air etc. During a rainy season, the windows are the second to be attacked after the roof and if the material used in flyscreens is not PVC protected, the mesh and frame will rust and be a stain to your beautiful outlook. It will also hinder the view and turn the fresh blow of wind into a rustic air breeze.

Window Fly Screens Mernda

The frames of flyscreens in Melbourne are made with strong aluminium, welded to 100% Australian quality standards to give a flawless finish. The frames can be powder coated to the colour of your choice.

At Just Doors & Screens, latest technology and experienced professionals are teamed up together to serve customers with a wide range of quality solutions. When you give us a call, our professionals will come to your lot to take measurements and the next visit would be for installation of a flyscreen perfectly designed and manufactured to your needs.

Mernda is an Australian suburb with a small population but it is on a fast track towards growth and development. With these major changes, new faces are common in town and being protective for your family and yourself is a natural feeling.  The reason why window fly screens in Mernda are gaining popularity is due to the fact that people understand the meaning of safety and security.

Sliding Fly Screens Melbourne

Sliding flyscreen doors in Melbourne are becoming the latest addition to commercial buildings. Some of the places where sliding flyscreen doors can be used are:

  • Parking lots
  • Jails
  • Restricted Areas
  • Danger Zones
  • Operational Industrial Areas
  • Factories
  • Construction Sites

The purpose is not just to stand as a barrier against flies and insects, but to create a borderline for trespassers. Sliding flyscreen doors are also used for alleys in buildings, entrance to the backyard etc. The use of traditional wooden doors is an old trend now. The new trend is to make your house look as sleek and stylish as possible and aluminium frames help achieve that purpose.

It is better if your child is standing at the back of a sliding flyscreen door and someone tries to snatch him away because then the flyscreen doors will fulfil their purpose of safety and security against strangers. It is these times when you realize that your investment is utilized.

It is never too late to secure your house. At Just Doors & Screens, we secure relationships based on trust, like our products.

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