Security Doors Yan Yean

What is a door?

A simple question yet worth considering because the non-existence of a door can lead to many problems. A door is a rectangular piece of wood (in most cases) attached with moving hinges to a frame, installed in any room, house front, backyard, outhouse etc.

This piece of rectangular wood can shut off the rest of the world from your home. Doors are manufactured with several designs, colour schemes, crafting and also keeping cultures in mind. A security door is different from a normal door because it provides additional security to your existing measures. If someone rings your doorbell and you open the door, you still have a clear view door as a protective layer between you and your un-invited guest.

Base materials for security doors include:

Security doors can also come up additional protection in the form of bars and grilles. These bars and grilles can suit any house with differing historical and cultural backgrounds. At Just Doors & Screens, security doors in Yan Yean are offered in:

  • Contemporary Range
  • Victorian Range
  • Colonial Range
  • Heritage Range
  • Federation range
  • Classic Range
  • Protector Range
Security Doors Yarrambat

Security Doors in Yarrambat and Yan Yean are especially manufactured to satisfy every customer. Whether you have an old-style estate or a modern 2-story house, Just Doors & Screens can have every range installed with best quality, be it of Marine Grade 316 stainless steel and clear aluminium or its mesh, to give it the look you want.

Just Doors & Screens offers its customers complete construction solutions combining quality material and impeccable service. These services included fully welded construction with solid and tubular Australian steel. Our team of experienced handyman will survey your house for correct measurements of the door to give you a final product that causes no inconvenience.

Some traders do not properly inspect the area of installation and fit the door that is either too big for the place or at an angle that makes a squeaking sound when open and closed. It does not look good if a bumpy and dented door is installed and the company is to blame for the bad service.

Security screen doors are also fast gaining popularity because they are an added benefit to the normal security doors. Security screen doors come with a fine mesh shaped into diamonds or rectangles to provide added safety. Most security screen doors are made with aluminium, steel and metal alloy. Any of these materials can be chosen to construct a strong functioning security door.

Security Screen Doors Yan Yean

The frames are made of steel rather than aluminium or metal alloy because steel provides more strength. The frames are made wider to increase strength and durability. Security Screen Doors in Yan Yean are an obvious choice for Melbournians who care for their family. These screen doors help keep out bugs, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Security screen doors come in different sizes to fit any door’s length and width. As with small houses and bigger estates, the size and outlook of the main door differs and hence we cater to different outlooks of the house to maintain the exterior beauty.

At Just Doors & Screens, securing every house at an affordable price is our top priority and we enjoy our customer level of satisfaction. Visit our website today and have a look at our work to make a choice.

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